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La jerga de Silicon Valley

Cada vez que voy a Barcelona me doy cuenta de lo mucho que me está cambiando Silicon Valley. Mi forma de pensar, mi forma de entender el mundo y la forma en la que hago uso de la tecnología han evolucionado debido a la influencia de este entorno único. Incluso ha cambiado mi forma de hablar.

Los habitantes de esta zona de Estados Unidos respiran tecnología por los poros y eso hace que, sin darnos cuenta, incorporemos una jerga muy particular a nuestro vocabulario.

Me ha llegado este vídeo divertido que refleja esta realidad y he pensado en compartirlo con vosotros.

Innovalley on Silicon Valley Entrepreneur (TV)

I felt flattered when I got the invitation from Chris, the SVASE President, to participate in his TV program and talk about our experience with Innovalley

It’s not easy to talk on TV and it’s definitely much harder when you’re not speaking your own language. However, Chris made things very easy and I am very happy for having shared the program with Virginia from Sylvatex, an amazing entrepreneur.

Feelings after the Launch Silicon Valley 2011

I just got home. I am exhausted after a very long day. But I feel extremely happy.

Today was the Launch Silicon Valley 2011, a major product launch platform for startups in Silicon Valley. The event was organized by SVASE, Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft and gathered the Silicon Valley’s top VCs, Angels, corporate business development executives, bloggers and media.

I got a very pleasant surprise some days ago when I was told that Innovalley had been selected among 300 applications to present at Launch SV. I prepared the pitch with the valuable help from Andrew and the great feedback from the SVASE crew.

And today was the day. I have to admit that I was a bit scared when I saw the level of the entrepreneurs, investors and panelist who attended.

But it turned out that Innovalley was voted by the audience as the “most likely to succeed, 2011” in the mobile category! We got great prizes for the company (5000 dollars off in legal fees, Pitch sessions with experts, VC meetings…) and an XBOX Kinect for myself. But above all, we got traction and the proof that, despite the obstacles, we’re advancing in the right way.

I feel very thankful to the Launch SV organizers for giving us the opportunity to present and I feel very proud of the Innovalley Team who is making all this possible. You guys rock!

Getting to know Mark Suster

I had the chance to attend Mark Suster‘s lecture yesterday at Stanford. Mark has been a successful serial entrepreneur and now he’s on the investor side.

I loved his talk. I found it very encouraging. He went through a list of advices mentioning clear and practical examples in each case.

Here you’ll find the podcast (thanks Ecorner!) and below you’ll find my notes on some of the main topics.


  • You don’t have to be a genius but you need to get started.
  • Being an entrepreneur is not sexy. It’s actually awful!  lots of responsibility, lots of hours,…
  • You need to be passionate about it.
  • You need to do research. Silicon Valley is lazy. They say you don’t have to do market research but you do!
  • Get a prototype built and show it.
  • Assemble a diverse team. Get outside your box. People tend to get along well with people like them. Get out!
  • Huge premium for those colleagues who are taking the first leap.
  • Make sure technology is part of your DNA.
  • Investors want you and your team, the business idea comes later.
  • Raise capital, but not too much. You’ll have time to become fat once you have product/market fit clear.
  • If possible, avoid the 3 Fs. Your business is likely going to fail and you don’t want to have business issues with your acquaintances..
  • Angels or VCs? Raise VC money when you ready to get on a rocket ship. Think that being funded by a VCs is like getting married.
  • How do you access investors? Via other Entrepreneurs
  • You need an anchor investor: invite him to be an advisor. If you show results, normally everyone follows.

Thanks Mark for the great advices!