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Youth in the search of value

More news about the weak Spanish economic status: in its last report, Reuters revealed that the Spanish youth (below 25) unemployment rate climbed up to 51.1% in March.

This is obviously discouraging for the young people who are currently getting their degree, dreaming of their first working opportunities. However, I’d like to claim, once more, that the youth can conquer the world.

In these times of lack of jobs -at least standard jobs-, the search of value becomes crucial. How can I make an impact on society? What is it that I am passionate about and can improve the current economy? The possibilities are unlimited- each problem to be solved can be a great opportunity!

It’s been proved that the old ways of doing business are not valid anymore. Internet has changed our lives, our corporate structures and dynamics. Mobile internet gets to every pocket, opening up new distribution channels and new business models. Young people are the piece of society that will make corporations not only transform and adapt but take most advantage of these new trends. I can understand that, given the current legislation, it is much cheaper to fire the youngest in the company than a veteran employee. However, employers also need to think in terms of value; younger members of the team can be an expediting spark.

Moreover, young people are also the ones that are most prepared to resolve our current problems and give an answer to our challenges. They are open-minded, they speak several languages, they are cost-effective, they still don’t have familiar obligations. There’s no better moment to start up a company than in our twenties.

So, let’s not take the fact of having a job for granted. Let’s focus on generating value and  look for the answers we can provide the world with; I’m convinced jobs will come later.

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