Ideas on paper

Thoughts by José Luis Agell

Half Dome, September 2011

This was a remarkable weekend. After too much time, I reconciled with the mountains and I met the challenge of climbing the Half Dome. This granite mass of more than 2600 meters is probably one of the most emblematic mountains of California. The truth is that its more than 1400 meters above the valley floor and its steep slopes make this summit impressive.

It was a day of experiences and emotions. In fact, climbing a mountain is like condensing some of the most relevant feelings of a lifetime in only one day.

  • You need to have an ambitious goal
  • Starting the trail is always exciting though you might be doubtful
  • There are moments of weakness
  • There are moments of fullfillment
  • You experience fear
  • You’re not alone
  • Sometimes you don’t see it but you know that you’re walking towards the summit
  • When you’re on the top, you experience a deep feeling of freedom and happiness

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Thanks Francesc, Montse, Silvia, Guillem, Oriol, Roger and Maria for being such great fellow adventurers! 🙂

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