Ideas on paper

Thoughts by José Luis Agell

The future of Smart Apparel

After a month of intense work, the first edition of Imagine Creativity Center has come to an end. It’s been a great experience, full of enlightening sessions and hard work.

The program’s highlight was the final event that took place last Wednesday at Public Works, San Francisco. The participants, the dreamers,  presented their ideas around 4 projects: the future of mobility, smart apparel 2.0, the future of shopping experience and the future of advertising.

Innovalley, as sponsor of Imagine, led the project about smart apparel 2.0. Participating in the Program demonstrated, once more, the importance of opening the doors of the company to new ideas and talented people.

Janire, Óscar and Aitor (the Smart Apparel team) surprised us with an innovative solution to improve the sleeping experience. Their project, called Smart Sleeping,  consists of a set of connected blanket, pillow and pajamas that interact with a Smart phone app. The system includes revolutionary features like biometric tracking, multimedia resources, communication capacities… Moreover, users can set up their profile from the app, store it on the cloud and take their sleeping experience anywhere.

Thanks guys for such a great job! Keep on dreaming!

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