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Thoughts by José Luis Agell

Ship early, ship often

It’s been some time while the entrepreneurial world started to talk about the Lean Startup (a concept coined and trademarked by Eric Ries). This term encapsulates the way startups currently develop new products in a faster way, with lower development costs, building a continuous customer development (another interesting concept, this one coined by Steve Blank).

I guess everyone agrees on the important role of customers/users in any product development. However it’ s not that easy to integrate the “customer voice” while the engineering team is working on solving the technology challenges. What most advisors recommend is to launch the minimum viable product as soon as possible and keep on improving and iterating as customer feedback comes in.

This is exactly what we’re trying to do at Innovalley. Even though we aim to offer our products to large apparel brands, customer and user feedback is crucial for us. This is why we have officially launched a Lab Store.The goal of this online store is not making huge revenues, but launching revolutionary products so that early adopters can test them and help us make them better.

We are thrilled to inaugurate the Lab Store with our first limited edition of YouShine. YouShine is a collection of solar bags made out of recycled banners from our city, Barcelona. The flexible photovoltaic technology is still in development and hasn’t reach great efficiencies. We hope that our bags will help increase awareness of this technology and promote its research and development.

In any case, the official launch of the YouShine collection is an important first step for Innovalley, which encourages us to keep on creating smart apparel solutions and making better products everyday.

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