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Why am I a twitterer?

There are lots of people, especially in Spain, who repeatedly ask me why do I spend time on Twitter. I know this microbloging channel might still sound a bit stupid for some people. But I think it is a great tool. I am going to tell you why.

Thanks to Twitter…

I  foster my online personality. People can get a sense of who I am and what are my interests.

I get inspired by the people I follow. I follow them because I admire them or because they share most of my interests.

I promote my company for free and I create a community around my products.

I get feedback on my ideas and thoughts.

I track real-time information that is relevant to my business.

I get to know interesting people from all over the world that otherwise, I’d never get to talk to.

Finally, I want to share a cool video that tells you why others use Twitter as well. Follow your interests. Discover the world.

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