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Creating environments that promote happiness

Today Jennifer Aaker was the guest speaker of the ETL class. She is a Marketing Professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, but today she talked about happiness throughout social networks which is one of her favorite topics.

Among the ideas that she talked about, I’d like to point out the huge impact  social networks have to create environments that promote happiness. She mentioned several cases in which these Internet tools were crucial to engage people around a common goal, like the case of Sameer and Vinay who died due to a severe leukemia.

Aaker explained her change of mind on social networks. Some years ago she was actually skeptical like most of the people, while now she defends that they are tools for effectively communicating and spreading happiness.

The dragonfly has the ability to fly in all directions by flapping its 4 wings at the same time. Similarly, entrepreneurs, visionaries and influencers can create ideas that build momentum by taking care of 4 wings:

  • Focus on a single goal which has to be humanistic, happy, actionable, clear.
  • Grab attention: personal, unexpected, visceral, visual.
  • Engage: tell a story, empathize, authenticity, match media.
  • Take action: get things done and evaluate results.

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your insights!

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