Ideas on paper

Thoughts by José Luis Agell

You never know…

One of the most unique aspects of Silicon Valley is the power of networking. There are tens of events everyday, from conferences and seminars to cocktails and parties.

However, business opportunities aren’t only waiting for you at these events. They are basically everywhere. So you need to wear your entrepreneur hat all the time and be prepared to pitch at any moment :).

Last Wednesday, I attended the final presentation of Pablo’s internship at Innovalley. It was a friendly informal breakfast in his High-School where all the kids presented what they did at the host companies and what they learned with them. Some parents and corporate hosts attended.

But I wasn’t expecting so many good results from that gathering. I ended up arranging a meeting with the BMW Tech Center in Palo Alto and having a great conversation with a PhD focused on solar technologies who happened to know the best US providers of flexible solar panels.

So this is my learning from this week: be always ready because you never know…

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