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Thoughts by José Luis Agell

The Social Network, key learnings

Yesterday I watched The Social Network, the new movie about Facebook’s beginning. I don’t know if the movie is accurate to the true story, but I think it’s a fantastic movie.

Places were very familiar to me: Harvard University (that I visited last week) and Silicon Valley (where I live). But beyond the circumstantial details, this is a story about friendship, leadership, loyalty, revenge…

These are the key learnings I extracted from the movie:

  • Ideas don’t come up all of a sudden. You need to tailor the initial concepts looking at the real market needs.
  • Passion and persistence are crucial to start a new venture. Don’t give up when you face an obstacle, stick to your vision and reformulate the path to get there.
  • Building a balanced team and find the right advisors is as important as having a great idea.
  • If you’re partnering with friends, try to separate your personal relationship from work and be transparent in both facets of your life.
  • It is important to protect your IP and make sure that you have the ownership.
  • Success and social recognition normally come with jealousy. You can’t get 500 million friends without having some enemies.

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