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Barcelona and San Francisco, sister cities!

Since I first came to San Francisco- two years ago- I’ve always considered it “my home”. And the truth is that I really feel like home in this wonderful city.

San Francisco and Barcelona have lots of similarities. The proximity to the sea, the hills but especially the people make them have a common soul.

They both share part of their history- Gaspar de Portola, one of the explorers that first settle down in California and became its first Governor, was originally from Catalonia.

Signing at the City Hall with Mayor Newsom

But most importantly, they share their people’s character. Both cities have become prosperity engines for their regions, standing out for their innovative and entrepreneurial spirits. They have stood out among the others for their openness of mind (and respect for diversity) and they share the taste for food and wine, arts and sports.

These are some of the words that we could hear this morning at the San Francisco City Hall during the ceremony for the signing of the official partnership between the two cities. It was an official event chaired by Mayor Gavin Newsom which gathered some Spanish authorities and people from Barcelona who live in San Francisco.

This is the culmination of a 3-year process, strongly promoted by Supervisor Campos and the Association Amics de Gaspar de Portolà. It is a pact of friendship and collaboration and I am sure it will bring up great results-  maybe a direct flight?:).

In any case, today I felt very proud of my city and happy to be living in San Francisco one of the best adventures of my life.

One response to “Barcelona and San Francisco, sister cities!

  1. xavi July 20, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Congrats Joe!
    Felicidades Pepe!!
    Felicitats Jose Luis!!!

    we are getting the direct Barcelona-San Francisco flight!


    more pictures here:

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