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Everything is possible in America

It’s been a month since I wrote my last post and it’s not because my life in Silicon Valley lacks of excitement. On the contrary,  there are always surprising events awaiting for you outside. I am going to point out some funny and unique things which have happened to me in the last weeks. Everything is possible in America!

2009-05-28 12.21.49

Pitching to a Robot

I was one of the lucky participants at the Google IO Developer Conference. I say lucky not only because I got the new G2 for free. The event was perfectly organized, we could present 3scale in the Developer Sandbox and we met very interesting people.

And… I had the chance to talk about 3scale to a Robot (see image). He was walking around stopping in front of the attendees and asking some questions. Amazing!

Watching Opera in a Baseball Stadium

I also had the  chance to sit under the stars at AT&T Park and enjoy the San Francisco Opera perform Puccini’s Tosca, in live video from the real San Francisco Opera House. Where else can you nosh on hot dogs, peanuts and garlic fries while listening to Opera?

Watch  this video I found to feel the atmosphere:

Listening to a Laptop Orchestra

A friend invited us to a concert of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra. I’d never heard anything like this before. It is a highly technical project from the Stanford University that combines laptops, human performers, controllers, and custom multi-channel speaker arrays designed to provide very unique musical experience.

It was interesting, even though my classical-minded ears didn’t enjoy too much.

If you want to know more, watch the following video:

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