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Building bridges and making meaning

Last monday I had the chance of attending the 14th session of the Seminar for European Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Stanford led by Professor Burton Lee. The topic was Business Angel investment in USA versus Europe. The lecturers, coming from different regional Business Angels networks, shared their insights about this critical and often neglected finance area. Europe has more or less the same number of Business Angels networks than USA but it represents a forth of the US market. There’s still lot to do…

After the lecture, my friend Maud invited me to a great dinner at Plug and Play with the lecturers and other guests. What I like of being in Silicon Valley is that you never know what’s going to be next. Surprises are always awaiting for you.

This time was that I got to know Mariana Bozesan (read the post that Maria wrote about her or listen to her lecture at Stanford). She has a very interisting story, starting in Romania where she grew up. She has been employée, social entrepreneur and investor. We had a very interesting chat about Silicon Valley lifestyle.

We, foreigners, came to the Valley followed by our entrepreneurial spirit. And the truth is that there are many things to learn from this unique environment. But people here tend to work too hard and set up ambitious goals without thinking too much about their personal life.

Mariana is the President and co-founder of SageEra which promotes the conscious leadership. She defends that real leaders are the ones who are able to find a balance in their lives making meaning with everything they do.

Mariana has a strong message and her eyes radiate a special light. She’s right. We should all ask ourselves: WHAT do I want? Why do I want it? How do I make it sustainable?

Thanks, Mariana, for reminding us.

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